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Betsson Group Presents Newest Global Marketing Concept; Excitement Of Betting More Valuable Than Big Wins

betsson_launches_new_gloal_marketing_conceptBetsson Group, in addition to commemorating 60 years in 2023, is now debuting its latest international marketing concept named “A bet makes the difference.” Additionally, this concept is all about strengthening the previous message that wagering is more about increasing enthusiasm rather than huge wins. However, the latest commercials, first and foremost produced in-house, are Betsson’s most aspiring production to date and will originally appear in more than 10 countries in Latin American and Europe.

Establishment of an internal global creative center

Betsson, the flagship brand of the Betsson Group, has not so long ago experienced a notable growth, especially in Latin America, where it also not so long ago officially became the “main sponsor” of the iconic Argentine football club, Boca Juniors. In this regard, speaking about the mentioned marketing concept, CEO of Betsson Group, Jesper Svensson, commented: “As we expand our presence across various markets, we have established an in-house international creative hub. I am really excited to unveil our most ambitious commercial yet, solidifying Betsson as the most exciting brand in the industry.”

Moreover, the essence of this concept emphasizes that “the inherent excitement of betting is more important than fixating solely on winnings.” On that note, Global Brand Director of Betsson, Kay Höök, said: “While we can’t control the excitement of a match or guarantee wins, we can assure our customers that placing a bet, small or big, will amplify the excitement. While many other betting companies focus on big, quick wins, our emphasis lies in cherishing the excitement itself and the heightened entertainment that a bet provides.”

Commercials description

To highlight the mentioned message, the commercials show how an apparently ordinary and silly match turns into an outstanding and highly exciting experience when one person in the audience decides to place a bet. The plot of the commercials, directed by award-winning director Rodrigo Saavedra (Immigrant), take place in a “dramatically charged setting,” while production of the film is almost identical to the renowned international lifestyle brand. However, even if it is a casino, the commercials tend to emphasize the enthusiasm of betting as a form of entertainment, rather than “the more typical focus on winning moments.”

On that note, Höök further adds: “Our goal is to enhance the entertainment value and intensify the excitement for our customers. While potential winnings remain a possibility, we don’t want the prospect of winning to define our communication. Our message is that when you gamble responsibly, you will enjoy the excitement even if you don’t win.”

Additionally, for the group, this unique international marketing concept represents an important step towards modifying the industry scene and reformulating the core of entertainment via responsible engagement.

Source: “Betsson Launches New Global Marketing Concept”. European Gaming. August 21, 2023

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