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Softswiss Strengthens Its Position in Europe by Acquisition of Ously Games’ Social Casino

Softswiss continues to acquire big industry names all over the world, and the most recent is purchasing stakes in Ously Games GmbH from Germany, following the acquisition of Turfsport in January 2024.

Acquisition of the biggest social casino in Europe

softswiss_takes_stake_in_major_european_social_casinoThe company is best known for its popular social casino, which is the largest social casino in the whole of Europe, and now Softswiss has a significant stake in it.

On the other hand, Ously Games will get a chance to try some of the most advanced technologies and modern solutions developed by Softswiss.

Social casinos recorded rapid growth in the recent period, so some people call it the future of gaming, and it seems that Softswiss recognized its potential. One of its main assets is gaming and betting without real money included, so it’s completely risk-free for players. Instead, they can use virtual currency to place their bets, and the revenue comes mostly from sales of virtual goods.

The good news for operators is that social casinos don’t require licenses, and there aren’t any advertising restrictions. According to Softswiss, the global social casino market will be worth around $10 billion by 2030. At the moment, around $85 million people are active on social casinos. currently offers more than 3,000 captivating games from about 40 providers. Its players network has more than 700,000 players, and its annual turnover is €1.0 million.

Softswiss’ founder, Ivan Montik, commented on the deal: “Anticipating the development of social casinos within the igaming industry, Softswiss made strategic investments to diversify its portfolio. Together, we aim to create a comprehensive platform for social casinos, enriching the robust ecosystem of igaming products provided by our company.”

Jochen Martinez, the owner of Ously Games, added: “We are delighted to forge a strategic partnership with the global technology provider Softswiss. This alliance brings invaluable insights, innovations, and profound expertise to both parties.”

Successful year

The year started well for Softswiss. In January, the company expanded to Africa through a deal with Turfsport. Turfsport is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to sports betting, horse racing, and lotto. Its operations in South Africa are recognized by more than 40 operators who want to partner with the company in this market.

Andrey Starovoitov, co-CEO, thinks that the African expansion is the natural next step for Softswiss since that market keeps growing rapidly, becoming more and more important in the global iGaming industry. He said: “With this agreement, Softswiss takes a significant step forward in its extensive expansion into South Africa and the African continent. I believe this region is becoming the next focal point globally, following Latin America.”

Source: “Softswiss takes stake in major European social casino”. iGamingBussines. April 17, 2024.

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SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Proudly Announces the Introduction Of Live Game Tournaments

SOFTSWISS_game_aggregator_launches_live_game_tournamentsSOFTSWISS, a renowned content hub in the iGaming industry, has recently unveiled a highly anticipated update to its Tournament Tool: live game tournaments. This latest feature marks a significant expansion of the tool’s capabilities, leveraging the successful model of slot tournaments to further enhance player engagement. Internal studies conducted by SOFTSWISS have revealed a notable 22% increase in average daily bets per user since the introduction of the Tournament Tool.

Customized Tournaments Catering to Diverse Player Preferences

One of the key highlights of this update is the ability for operators to customize tournaments to cater to different player segments. While live games are favored by players seeking direct dealer-player interaction and real-time experiences, slot enthusiasts constitute another significant player segment. Despite these differing preferences, both groups share a common interest in competitiveness and social interaction within the gaming environment.

With the implementation of live game tournaments, operators now enjoy enhanced flexibility in managing tournaments. They can precisely select participating casinos, target specific countries, and curate a diverse range of games using the intuitive game search bar and provider filter available in the back office. Additionally, operators have the option to concurrently run live game tournaments alongside slot tournaments or even organize mixed tournaments that seamlessly blend slots and live games.

The Tournament Tool’s updated interface offers a seamless and intuitive user experience, enabling operators to effectively communicate gaming campaigns to players. It provides real-time updates on ongoing and past events, comprehensive tournament rules, and features a dynamic leaderboard widget for players to easily track their standings throughout the competition.

Accessible Innovation for All Game Aggregator Clients

It’s essential to note that this groundbreaking update is accessible to all Game Aggregator clients. This inclusivity ensures that operators of varying scales can leverage the Tournament Tool’s advanced features to enhance player engagement, promote healthy competition, and ultimately elevate the overall gaming experience.

The introduction of live game tournaments within the Tournament Tool by SOFTSWISS represents a pivotal advancement in the iGaming landscape. This innovative feature empowers operators with tailored tools to meet diverse player preferences, foster social interaction, and drive sustained engagement across multiple gaming segments.

Tatyana Kaminskaya, Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, highlights: “We closely monitor the market and analyse our customers’ feedback to develop features that meet their needs. Tournaments for live games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker immerse players in a special competitive atmosphere that aligns with the gamification trend. In the future, we plan to add other types of games, enabling our clients to build successful businesses that cater to a broader range of player segments.”


”SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Launches Live Game Tournaments”,, April 09, 2024.

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SOFTSWISS Finds Slot Games Capturing 80 % Share of Online Casino Market

SOFTSWISS, a renowned supplier of certified software solutions, analyzes the trends in the online casino gaming industry to find out that slot games continue to hold the largest share in the online casino market. SOFTSWISS has measured the recent performance of Slot Games, Live Dealer Games, and Crash Games segment to reveal that the Slot Games segment still covers around 80 percent of the online casino market.

Slot Games Segment

For the purpose of the study, the provider of one-stop-shop casino and aggregation platforms and other solutions to international operators analyzes more than 300 customers and around 16,500 games. The study used parameters such as the gross gaming revenue and handle achieved by the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator platform in 2023 and the beginning of 2024. The research finds that slot games took an 85.56% market share in 2023 and an 83% share at the beginning of 2024. This segment is therefore expected to stay above 80% in the forthcoming period.

Top-Performing Titles

slot_dominance_online_casino_games_snapshot_2024In 2023, Pragmatic Play’s Gates of Olympus and Sweet Bonanza slots were constantly included in the top 10 most popular games. But Push Gaming’s Retro Tapes took over the lead at the beginning of 2024 to move Pragmatic’s title to the second and third place, respectively.

Live Dealer Games

This type of games gained popularity over the subject period. Unlike slots, these games attract players ready to place larger bets and contribute to the handle with a lower bet count than slots. Therefore the average bet placed on card games in 2023 was 49.95€, compared to 0.75€ average slot bet placed on the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator over the same period.

The most popular games from the category were roulette and card games. The segment was ruled by live casino games such as Crazy Time in 2023 and Prive Lounge Blackjack 5 at the beginning of 2024. As for roulette games, Playtech’s blockbuster Roleta Brasileira was leading the sub-category in 2023 to extend a high ranking in 2024. It is notable that this game is the most popular online gaming vehicle among players in Latin America.

Crash Games Category

This segment of the online gaming market follows the live casino games segment in terms of gross revenue generated in 2023 and the beginning of 2024. In 2023, the most popular crash game was Aviator by the Spribe studio, to be replaced by other titles in 2024. The trend testifies about the dynamics of this market segment and the continuously evolving player preferences.

Tatyana Kaminskaya, Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, commented: “Analysing just the first month of the year doesn’t provide the full picture, yet we do this to predict emerging trends. While slots continue to reign supreme in the gaming world, the diversity we see among the top-ranked games highlights the varied interests of our players. It emphasises the critical need to maintain a diverse portfolio that meets different layer preferences, ensuring a rich gaming experience. Adopting this strategy helps attract a wider audience and retain players by offering them various options, reducing the likelihood of them seeking alternatives.”

Source: “Slot Dominance: Online Casino Games Snapshot 2024”European Gaming. March 4, 2024.

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SOFTSWISS Announces Results of Its Cryptocurrency Research, Its Popularity Increases

As technology advances, cryptocurrencies become more and more popular. According to the recent SOFTSWISS research, in 2023 the number of people who use crypto to place their bets increased by more than 20%.

Changes in the iGaming landscape

time_to_invest_in_crypt_softswiss_2023_igaming_market_overview (1)Current predictions say that by 2030 the iGaming market will double, and the estimated compound annual growth rate would be 11.7%. When it comes to revenue, it is estimated that it will reach 140 billion euros.

SOFTSWISS, one of the leaders in the field of crypto iGaming software development, researched the crypto market and gathered data from more than 600 brands. According to the research, the iGaming market is thriving on a global level – Total Bet Sum recorded annual growth of 38.2%, while Total Bet Count increased by 51.2%.

However, the average bet decreased, and one of the main reasons is an expansion of iGaming across smaller markets, so the decrease is more significant in markets such as Latin America and Africa. On top of that, increased internet availability across the globe, as well as incorporating modern technologies, affected the final result. Another important factor is the growing popularity of iGaming among players under 30, who have limited budgets.

As the research, which began in 2022, has proven, fiat bets are still more popular, and their number is growing faster than crypto bets. Crypto Bet Sum increased by 8.2% in Q4 of 2023, and Fiat Bet Sum recorded an increase of 16.4% annually. Crypto bets were 27.5% of Total Bets Sum in 2023, which is a decrease of 3.9 p.p.

Comparing 2023 to 2022, the Crypto Bet Sum increased by 21.1%, while the Crypto Bet Count increased by 50.5%.

Vitali Matsukevich, Chief Operating Officer at SOFTSWISS, commented: “The advantages of employing digital currencies, such as swift transactions and anonymity, are key drivers for many players. Given these dynamics, the market demands expanding iGaming projects’ opportunities for crypto players. The in-game currency conversion, for example, allows operators to engage players with cryptocurrency assets in games initially designed for fiat transactions. The projects that embrace such possibilities continue gaining more advantageous market positions.”

Most popular cryptocurrencies

In 2023, the average fiat bet was around 0.82 euros, and the crypto bet has been fluctuating between 1.59 and 1.88 euros, but it was more stable than it was in 2022.

The most popular cryptocurrencies in 2023 were Bitcoin (73.3%), Ethereum (9.9%), Litecoin (6.6%), Tether (4.6%), and Dogecoin (3.1%).

Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency, but compared to the third quarter of 2023, it decreased by 5.7 p.p. On the other hand, Ethereum grew by 4.7 p.p. and Litecoin increased by 2.2 p.p.

Matsukevich commented on this: The digital currencies market is rapidly expanding, with estimates showing over 50% growth in capitalization in 2023. Despite the risks caused by the high volatility of crypto and its dependence on various factors, using it can bring extra profits for operators. The iGaming industry is promising for investments due to growth in both fiat and crypto markets, but success depends on trustworthy and experienced partners.”

Source: “Time to Invest in Crypto? SOFTSWISS 2023 iGaming Market Overview”. Softswiss. February 28, 2024.

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Lucky Player Wins €250,000 SOFTSWISS Prime Network Jackpot

After the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator launched the progressive Jackpot on the Prime Network in October 2023, the fortunate player finally claimed the winnings on February 7, 2024! The winner of the Jackpot takes the EUR 244,742.34 prize aggregated in the Prime Network Jackpot campaign.

Progressive Jackpot Campaign

The campaign was run by multiple operators that collectively established shared prize pools to pay winnings from such pools rather than by individual operators. Such a design enabled the campaign to offer outstanding rewards and attract a huge number of players. For this reason, the Prime Network Jackpot campaign received online bets of only one euro to see around one million in bets in the prize pool from October 2023 to February 2024.

€244K Jackpot Hit on February 7, 2024

first_softswiss_prime_network_jackpot_strikes_e244kThe first Prime Network Jackpot was seen on February 7, 2024 at the Fastpay Casino platform when a lucky player hit the 244,742.34 euro prize on a game provided by BGaming. When the jackpot amount paid from the network prize pool is compared to winnings from regular non-network progressive jackpots not exceeding 50K euro, it is evident that the network approach brings more benefits to players and operators. Therefore the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator is set to soon launch its next Prime Network Jackpot campaign as it is becoming a strategic tool for casinos to boost their operations.

Aliaksei Douhin, Head of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator at SOFTSWISS, commented: “We’re thrilled that the long-awaited win happened during the ICE industry event, an ideal time for the community to connect and share insights. This win provides an additional reason for celebration with our partners.

Following our initial online progressive network jackpot campaign with a starting 100,000 euro prize pool, we’re immediately launching a new one starting at 300,000 euro. This campaign offers substantial rewards for players and facilitates jackpot payouts from the collective prize pool. It serves as an effective marketing strategy to engage and attract users, a pertinent topic for discussion at ICE and, particularly, at our stand.”

Fastpay Casino representative added: “Hosting the inaugural draw of SOFTSWISS’ Prime Network Jackpot campaign has been an honour and a stroke of fortune for us. Among the many participating casinos, ours was privileged to be the first to celebrate a winner in this exciting campaign. It’s particularly symbolic that the win occurred in a game developed exclusively for us by BGaming – Fastpay Bonanza. This event underscores the advantages of collaborative network jackpots and affirms our commitment to providing exceptional gaming experiences. We look forward to hosting more such exciting events, continuing to create winners among our players and our casino community.”

Commenting on the winning campaign, Marina Ostrovtsova, CEO at BGaming said:“It’s gratifying to see players enthusiastically embracing fresh industry initiatives, like the SOFTSWISS Prime Network Jackpot campaign. We’re glad to mark the first winner in BGaming’s game, tailored specifically for Fastpay Casino. We’re thankful to the partners involved. As BGaming continues to create customised games and engaging online casino titles, we eagerly anticipate more SOFTSWISS’ campaigns.” 

Source: “SOFTSWISS Prime Network Jackpot Strikes €244K+”. European Gaming. February 9, 2024.

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