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Winning at Keno

Winning at keno is not impossible if you know just how to listen to the right tips. And here are the right tips.

First, equip yourself with a comprehensive- Keno introduction (just in case there are interested newbies reading this article). Keno is a game that has existed since the ancient times. It actually originated from China and it’s a lot like bingo; if you know about lottery games, then keno is a lot like those, too.

Winning at keno means picking the right winning numbers. Sounds like a tough call with high odds, but in the world of gambling, only the bold survive and are eventually sided with by luck. To try to make your game of keno as reasonable as possible.

Rule number 1: Set a limit for yourself. Sounds cliche, but the subject is money here, and you certainly don’t want to mess that up for nothing. In order to get ahead of this game, you need to be prepared to risk a certain amount of money, and to lose a certain amount of money at first. So it’s important for you to set an amount that you are willing to lose if ever — this shall be your playing amount, this shall be your risk. This setting of a limitation will keep you from impulsively and possibly drying up all your cash just to win. Focus on learning instead of your desire to win. There is something called a “wining streak.” Wait for this to come. Patience and rationality is key, not desire, when it comes to situations such as these.

Some casinos (mostly online) have promos that you can avail of. For example for new players, they may offer some values that you can use to gamble with. Make sure thought that you’ve read their contracts and terms for the bonus really well, and that you agree with these conditions before getting into anything.

Rule number 2: Practice, practice, practice. Remember the first tip on limiting the amount of money that you use per play? Keep it that way. Of course, that doesn’t mean that that’s all that you play. Keep your money limited for a certain amount of keno games, and then you can try again next time. Just make sure you don’t gamble all of the amounts at the same time. Never go over your limit. Always think that there is a next time, and make sure every experience counts as this will lead you to a better grasp of how keno should be played and mastered.

Another way of practicing would be to try playing keno online. There are actually games of chance like this can be played online and you can practice your skills in these less risky means of gambling. After you feel confident enough, you can then move on to the real thing, playing for actual money.

Rule number 3: Always be updated about keno strategies. Winning keno is more difficult if you don’t regularly equip yourself with knowledge of the field. Every game, the odds are constantly changing. The same also goes for the payouts and bonuses. Sometimes, it is better to gamble on only five numbers instead of six; sometimes it is better to put your stakes on ten spots instead of seven, twelve, six or nine. Always be aware of the constant flux of values so that you will be able to gauge which are good bets, better bets, or bad bets.

Rule number 4: This rule is very important: once you win in keno, make sure you claim your prizes at once. In real casino games, once the next game of keno begins and you still haven’t cashed in your winning card, then this shall be considered invalid.

Lastly, keep in mind that keno is a game and that it is meant for pleasure and enjoyment. So don’t sweat it too much. As long as you stick to your limit and don’t lose control, you can enjoy the ride. Some days you’ll win, some days you won’t; but the most important thing is that every game gives you a thrill and good feeling that beat stress away.