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Real Money Slots Explained

If you’re an avid online bettor, chances are that you hear about slots fairly frequently. They are the most popular online casino game played by new and experienced bettors, and you’ll find them on most betting websites worldwide. The demand for online slots is so great that even top software providers spend a lot of their time creating these simple and exciting games. Before you start playing slots, however, it’s crucial to understand that there are two main types of this online casino game – demo and real money slots.

While demo slots serve as a form of recreation for online bettors, real money slots allow players to win money from online wagering. However, this is easier said than done. Are you interested in playing real money slots and don’t know how to go about it? This piece will break down what you need to know about these games.

What are real money slots?

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of online slots available to bettors – demo and real money slots. Both types are designed to thrill bettors with similar features and mechanics. However, you’d do well to note that demo slots are designed to ensure bettors can play their favorite titles without using money, while real money slots are the opposite. While demo slots offer the same features as their real money counterparts, they aren’t useful for anything more than practice or leisure gaming.

Real money slots are designed to offer online bettors a similar experience to what they’ll get when they visit physical betting venues. However, unlike slot machines that need to be physically accessed, real money slots can be played from anywhere, on your mobile device or PC. This popular casino game is available in different themes and styles from top-rated software providers, allowing players to choose from hundreds of well-designed titles.

Before you start staking, it’s crucial to ensure you’re playing a reliable title from a reputable software provider. If you bet on unregulated real money slots, you may end up losing a significant amount of money. So, always ensure you verify a game’s rating and reviews, and check the casino’s credentials to protect your interest.

How do real money slots work?

One of the most exciting things to note about real money slots is that they are relatively easy to play. All you have to do is set the amount you wish to bet, and click on spin to play each round. After clicking on spin, the symbols in the reels will rotate for a few seconds. Whether or not you win on real money slots is dependent on the final position of the symbols. So, be sure to read through the slot’s guide to understand its paylines and everything you need to win. In the same section, you’ll also find a paytable containing information about the payout assigned to each symbol.

When you play an online slot, you’ll discover several attractive symbols arranged in rows and columns. This row and column format is popularly known as reels. You should note here that the number of rows and columns (reels) in a real money slot has a significant effect on its paylines and additional bonuses. The different types of reels available to online bettors include 3×3, 4×3, 5×3, 5×4 etc.

How to win on real money slots

Slots are an incredibly popular online casino choice for new and experienced bettors because of how easy it is to win money from its titles. The final position of symbols on the reels after the spinning has stopped will determine whether or not you’ve won that round. Hence, it’s essential that you form a winning combination of symbols on the game’s paylines. However, the final value of your payout depends on the value and number of symbols that make up the winning combination. As mentioned earlier, you can study the paylines and paytable of an online slot in its help section.

If you are like most online bettors, you may wonder how online slots determine when a player wins or loses. You may also want to know if these real money slot results are under any form of undue influence. Well, the answer is quite simple – real money slots results are determined by a random number generator (RNG). Hence, these games are free from any third-party influence and there’s no way to predict the final position of symbols.

What do RTP and volatility mean in real money slots?

Every real money slot has a return to player (RTP) rate, which indicates how frequently the online slot machine pays bettors. To determine this value, the software is subject to millions of spins, after which the payout percentage is averaged.

On the other hand, volatility refers to how the game’s payout is distributed. If a real money slot has high volatility, it means players will enjoy significant wins that occur occasionally. However, a lower volatility rating means the players will only get small, frequent wins from that particular slot.


Any bettor looking for a good way to enjoy online betting should try their hand at real money slots. These games are designed to put you in control and make you feel like you’re controlling a physical slot machine. However, there’s plenty to learn about these online casino games before you can make money from them, so this piece should help you understand the main features of real money slots.

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Slots a Fun (Re)Introduces Coin Slots to Vegas Strip

Circus Circus updated its Slots a Fun floor on Friday. Or, more accurately, they downdated it.

The newly gathered coin-operated slots at Slots a Fun boast actual reels, not virtual ones. (Image: X/@casinocollective)

The separate casino area, located next to Circus Circus’ main building, now features 85 coin-operated slot machines, many from the last millennium. (Technically, the mix of 25 cents, $1 and $5 machines are operated by tokens that need to be purchased.)

Ticket Out of Here

Coin slots began disappearing from casino floors across the US by the mid-2000s, as Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) vouchers replaced almost all of them.

For casinos, TITO machines — developed in 1992 by MGM Corporation — eliminated the labor-intensive cost of having to continually empty hoppers of coins. Because of reduced cash handling, they also streamlined accounting procedures.

Paper money and vouchers also put less wear and tear on machines than coins do.

The problem with the newer machines, however, is that lots of gamblers miss the feel of coin slots and the big plastic barrels that got heavier when coin avalanches kerplunked into them.

This is why TITO machine manufacturers still replicate the sound of change dropping into the payout tray during jackpots.

Tokens of Their Appreciation

A Circus Circus press release describes this as a “strategic shift” that “reaffirms its dedication to honoring the essence of vintage Vegas while embracing innovation for the modern-day guest.”

In reality, there was no “American Pickers” rummage through junkyards or estate sales for retired machines. Circus Circus and its Slots a Fun were simply the last bastions of the Strip that modernization hadn’t completely transformed. So Phil Ruffin’s casino decided to flip this from a negative to a positive.

Around 50 of these last clattering icons — until recently found in smatterings across the Circus Circus and Slots a Fun floors — were simply gathered together into one place. Circus Circus then fortified the collection with 35 more token slots it purchased from vendors in Las Vegas and Iowa.

If the coin machines aren’t enough of a time portal to entice a visit curing your next Strip sojourn, Slots a Fun also features $2 beers, hot dogs, and shrimp cocktails. And 20 table games have been reintroduced into  its 8,000 feet of gaming space — all with $5 minimums.

What year is this again?

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Are Slots Still As Popular As Before? Complete Analysis By SOFTSWISS

In an analysis of which online game suppliers have become the most successful in recent times and which games are the most popular, SOFTSWISS, a leading crypto gambling provider based in Malta, was kind enough to offer all-inclusive ecosystem of end-to-end software solutions and share important insights into the regional markets. Additionally, the analysis below is introduced according to data from the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator covering H222 and H123.


are-slots-losing-popularitySlots stay famous in Europe, although they lost almost 5 p.p. throughout the second half of 2022 and the first half of 2023. However, regardless, their market share still surpasses 80% when looking at the other games. Contrary to this, the card games category enhanced its position by nearly 4 p.p.

Furthermore, the best 5 most famous game categories went through little changes in the second quarter of this year. The total wagers amount in the craps games category saw a slight growth, increasing 2.7 times compared to the former quarter. This increase in performance was ranked a number 5 for this type of game when looking at the best rankings, replacing the casual games category.

As for the most famous games throughout 2022, there are Midas Golden Touch, Big Bamboo and Gates of Olympus. Relatedly, the environment of the best games showed important quarter-to-quarter variations.

And finally, the most famous game suppliers for Europe are Amusnet (EGT), Evolution, Relax Gaming, Amatic, BGaming, Push Gaming and Pragmatic Play. However, their ranking had subtle quarter-to-quarter changes.


As for Asia, the best 5 most famous game categories have shown a steady trend since the last quarter of last year. Slots occupy an important position and their market share surpasses 80% in relation to other categories. Regarding most famous games, Gates of Olympus held the top spot in the fourth quarter of last year and has managed to maintain that position ever since. However, there’s another famous game, Bonanza Billion, which has seen fluctuations in its rankings within the top five, which started from the end of 2022. The total wagering amount of Aviator doubled throughout the first half of 2023, making the game the leader. Contrary to this, the once famous game, Hot Fruits is no longer a top game and lost its popularity throughout the second quarter of 2023.

Furthermore, when it comes to the most famous game suppliers in Asia, it needs to be pointed out that Pragmatic Play, BGaming and Evolution have been fighting relentlessly for positions among the top five during the last 4 quarters under consideration. Amatic and Play’n GO gave up their positions in the rankings to Amusnet (EGT) and 1spin4win and Amusnet topped the list in the second quarter of this year.

In this regard, the Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, Tatyana Kaminskaya, said: “The popularity of the Aviator game can be explained by simple interface and fast payouts. What sets it apart even further is its distinctive gameplay mechanics, which significantly differ from other crush games in the market. Notably, Aviator provides players with the illusion of “control” over the game, adding an extra level of excitement and intrigue.”


As for Latin America, the best 5 of the most famous game categories have stayed the same as last year, with slots leading the way with a 60% market share. Among the most famous games in the top five are: Roleta Brasileiri – 8.27%, Aviator – 5.97%, Gates of Olympus – 5.24%, Sweet Bonanza – 3.44% and Crazy Time – 3.14%.

Also, Aviator jumped to the top in the fourth quarter of 2022, meaning that it saw an important growth in the total wagers amount, almost 170 million more, compared to the former quarter. This achievement moved its supplier, Spribe, from 10th place in third quarter of last year to the fourth in the second quarter of this year, eliminating Play’n GO from the top five. Other suppliers, notably BGaming, Evolution, Playtech and Pragmatic Play stayed in the top five with slight change when it came to their rankings during 2022.

Moreover, the best 5 most famous games account for nearly25% of the total wagers amount across every game in Latin America. However, in Asia and Europe, it accounts for nearly 10%. Also, one more significant market trend is the bypassing of roulette slots, and the rising demand for live games.

On that note, Regional Business Development Manager at SOFTSWISS in LatAm, Carla Dualid, said: “Players in Latin America in the context of online gambling may differ from players in Europe in several ways. Most Latin American players bet through mobile devices and prefer online play. Local casino slot players tend to place small but regular bets, which distinguishes them from European online casino players, who, in turn, bet less frequently, but wager larger sums on slots. Speaking about the LatAm market, we should keep in mind that Brazil is the most active player in it. Such factors as economic potential, increasing Internet penetration, mobile accessibility, and regulatory changes are making the Brazilian market more attractive for operators.”

Source: “Are slots losing popularity”. European Gaming. October 3, 2023

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Light & Wonder Bringing Willy Wonka, Other Warner Bros. Classics to Online Slots

Slot machine behemoth Light & Wonder announced it expanded an agreement with Warner Bros. to bring more of the entertainment company hit movies to the gaming firm’s portfolio of online slots.

Willy Wonka
Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Light & Wonder is bringing slots inspired by the movie to internet casinos. (Image:

Las Vegas-based Light & Wonder will work with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment to introduce more internet slot titles that are themed with Warner Bros. movies. The menu of movie-inspired slots will start with Willy Wonka: World of Wonka, which has long been a favorite among slots players at land-based casinos.

The long-term agreement will see Light & Wonder’s in-house game development teams leverage a series of highly successful brand licensing offerings from its long-term partner Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, with titles across a range of verticals set to hit regulated markets worldwide through the OPENGAMING ecosystem,” according to a statement.

Financial terms of the expanded agreement were not disclosed. Light & Wonder has previously offered Willy Wonka-inspired lottery tickets in some states.

Wizard of Oz on Deck

Light & Wonder will roll out the internet version of the Willy Wonka: World of Wonka slot game in the US, UK and Europe. The company added other Willy Wonka-inspired online slots will be developed in the future.

As for other Warner Bros. movies that could be leveraged for iGaming content, “Wizard of Oz” could be on deck behind “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

“Light & Wonder is also set to bring another land-based hit, The Wizard of Oz: Road to Emerald City online as part of the global rights agreement, with additional branded games from the Warner Bros. Discovery portfolio to follow,” added the gaming company. “As with the Wonka titles, more hit Wizard of Oz games are planned for release across 2024 and beyond.”

The press release didn’t mention other Warner Bros. content that could eventually be used for themed slots, but the entertainment company has a rich content library including Batman films and Looney Tunes cartoons, among many more.

Why It Matters

News of the expanded Light & Wonder/Warner Bros. agreement comes at a time when iGaming operators are increasingly looking to bolster their slot portfolios, and that includes leveraging established and unique content to appeal to bettors.

That’s a practical approach because slots are higher-margin games, and players are usually devoted to particular brands and titles. As such, there’s an increasing intersection between online casino operators and slot machine manufacturers.

For slot machine manufacturers such as Light & Wonder, there are obvious benefits to boosting exposure to the online casino market. Notably, iGaming is projected to grow more rapidly and deliver better profit margins over the long-term than brick-and-mortar casinos and sports wagering.

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Three Online Slots Made with AI Assistance

three_online_slots_made_with_aI_assistanceThe casino industry online and on land has been using artificial intelligence (AI) for quite some time now. However, with the advent of Generative AI across several models, the term with broad meaning can now be used to generate images directly from text prompts.

With competition for your gambling dollar strong, and an ever-increasing number of people around the globe partaking in risk-based entertainment along with a variety of other reasons we’ll look at as this report progresses, it comes as no surprise that AI-generated images have found their way onto slot reels, albeit only on virtual online slot machines at this point.

April 2023 saw the release of at least three online slot titles with imagery created by or with the help of artificial intelligence. The three pioneering companies and titles we’ll cover here are NetGaming (Wild Buffalo Bonanza), Endorphina (Joker Ra), and BGaming (Alien Fruits). And while there could be more (disclosed or undisclosed) we’ll focus on these games as they all came out about the same time and have been heralded in the press – or at least press releases – as innovations and game changers.

Click on the following links to see release notes and details of the following slot titles developed with AI-assisted imaging:

Wild Buffalo Bonanza (released by NetGaming on April 13, 2023, to Whitehat Gaming operators and globally on 4-27) See here.

Joker Ra (released by Endorphina 4-27) See here.

Alien Fruits (released by BGaming on April 13, 2023) See here.

A Little Background on AI in the Gambling Industry

One of the most obvious ways AI has been used in the gambling world is for security Facial recognition coupled with AI has been used to identify card counters, self-excluded gamblers, banned cheats, and organized criminals from land-based operations. On the negative side, it has been used in whale playgrounds like Macau to identify high rollers in order to target them for casino profits through various tradecraft.

On the online end of things, AI can analyze data on player patterns and habits and when an aberration occurs even real-time play can be examined more closely by the machine or by operations management. If it appears the purported gambler is not behaving like the known player, steps can be taken to prevent fraud including theft from the player or casino such as money laundering.

AI is also used more extensively all the time in jurisdictions with robust player protection frameworks to identify problem gamblers and either intervene automatically or by alerting staff who know what to look for, what type of questions to ask, and which actions to take to protect vulnerable persons.

Artificial intelligence has been used by companies big and small in all online markets analyzed. There isn’t much public domain information available but reading between the lines can be productive when the story seems to be the same or similar if what is seen in the gaps is the same across multiple platforms, markets, and jurisdictions.

In a nutshell, the most obvious use of AI in online casinos is in collecting data on players’ behaviors and then shaping the online experience to give gamblers the most satisfying experience possible without affecting the odds or any other element of a fair game.

Understanding what type of slots most appeal to a certain player and then making similar titles with some of the same or similar maths or mechanics will allow the operator to further define what the player is after. Was it simply the buffalo theme or was it the risk and reward factor? Was it the fact there are two bonus rounds or the possibility to buy one of the bonuses?

Just a Few of the Things Affected by AI

These are but a few of the elements that can be sussed out to deliver a better player experience. A better experience means more intense engagement and deeper engagement means longer playtime. Since the House always wins in the end (or at least can maintain an edge until time guarantees it if players don’t quit while they are ahead), the longer a player plays the more they will lose, on average.

The type of bonus you use most often, the sort of wagering requirements you normally accept, whether or not you are more apt to take a once-in-a-lifetime huge cashout type offer or are simply happy to greatly extend playtime and are willing to accept a huge percentage match in exchange for liberal terms and a maximum cap on how much you can win – these can all be handled by AI. In fact, they are and have been for nearly a decade in some instances – but again – it’s not really something that operators or marketers want their competitors to know or even their players – that could take the fun out of it for some.

While many things are accomplished by algorithms or outright AI in the background, none can change the end result of games like slots. Well, sure they could, but not in a way that matters. Regulators such as the BGC, (UKGC) not only require a game to have a stated or “theoretical” RTP (return to player percentage) they also require the actual RTP to fall in line with that given number.

How long (how many iterations or spins) it takes to reach it, how long it stays at that point, and how often and far it deviates over the course of time are simply matters of volatility rather than payback percentages and that is taken into account as well. If it takes a low variance title 400,000 spins for the actual RTP to arrive at the theoretical RTP number – and stays within the standard deviation (say 5 points above, 5 points below, or anywhere in between) for 95 out of 100 simulations (5% confidence interval) then it would appear not to matter to the regulator just how that occurred as long as the maths are solid.

By the same measure, players shouldn’t care how it occurs as long as it occurs – and – each spin has the same chance to produce any given result.

Thankfully, there aren’t any games that mess around with the maths that are written in stone. There was one product on the market several years ago that was really a scratch card but looked like and behaved like a slot machine. The problem with it was that as soon as the “jackpot prize” was awarded – once out of every million interactions – it was no longer available to be won until “all the tickets” were sold – or every spin needed to award each and every prize was executed. The developer responsible for that type of game changed methods prior to being awarded a license in Great Britain.

AI could handle every element of all of the inner workings of a slot game and even come up with new mechanics that nobody has tried so far. It’s entirely possible that there are labs undertaking the challenge right now. However, the first AI-generated slots were strictly garbage – even though high-quality clones could be created today with the tech.

Garbage in – Garbage Out

In 2019, Ars Technica reported on a duo of developers who created a robot to create mobile slot games in 2013. The experiment created over 1,500 junk games with minor variations in theme and changed perhaps one image to match the theme. The games, available on Google Play, are all dead now and the duo credits their junk with helping “train” Google algorithms to recognize and remove certain types of apps.

According to Ars: “In their GDC presentation, <the devs> mostly left the data up for people to peruse in a laughing manner, but also with a human angle about the costs that might arise if you chase such a robo-generated app dream with profit, not laughs, as the goal.”

The direction today’s developers are taking in an increasingly competitive marketplace seems much better – the images are stunning and on point and the game maths and mechanics are still, presumably, human creations. Where AI-assisted game development goes from here is anybody’s guess.

Source: Here’s How Casinos Are Using AI, Medium, May 31, 2021

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